About our special finish options: If personal expression and handcrafted character matter to you, you're in the right place. Browse the options at right, and click any image with a magnifier tab in the corner for more information. Please be aware that most of the options on this page are not available on slab door styles. Talk to your ShowplaceEVO designer to learn more about these distinctive finishes.
ShowplaceEVO specialty finish options
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Glazing is an additional finish step in which a pigmented material is applied to the surfaces, then hand-wiped partially away. This allows the glazing to "hangup" in areas of detail, adding visual contrast and depth. Glazing can be subtle or dramatic. It is offered at no additional charge in six tones, on all non-slab door styles, stains or paints.
character stains
The appeal of the ShowplaceEVO character stains is their ability to provide a rich, somewhat translucent look that accentuates grain and celebrates the variation found in natural wood characteristics. Dusk, Midnight, Tawny and Flagstone character stains are offered at no additional charge.

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ShowplaceEVO Vintage takes antique character to the highest level. Special finish techniques include hand padding and dry brushing to create the impression of elegant aging. Optional Vintage character elements use chain distressing with a proprietary technique, worm holing and worm tracking, chisel and rasp distressing, and oversanding. This handcrafted finish is offered in three variations, some without distressing, in both stains and paints. Vintage finishes are offered on non-slab door styles only, in your choice of satin or matte sheen.
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Distressing gives an aged, timeworn look to cabinetry, reminiscent of antique furniture. An even higher level of aged character is available with the ShowplaceEVO Vintage finish options, shown at left and above.
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